Barack Obama for Beginners: An Essential Guide

Barack Obama for Beginners: An Essential Guide

Moscow, Europe Publishing House, 2009, pp 109

The book by American author Bob Neer is a most condensed selection of reliable facts about the new U.S. President Barack Obama. The author has collected and wittily illustrated the major milestones of the dizzying story of the first Afro-American who was elevated to the nation’s highest office by the global crisis and the fiasco of George Bush’s policies. The book covers the president’s family history and career, and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of his political style, his dependence on mass media and public adoration. The author offers a clear analysis of the components of Barack Obama’s success, while ironical illustrations by Joe Lee, devoid of «Obamamania», let the Russian audience form their own opinion of the new head of the White House.

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