Evropa Publishing House: Manuscript submission guidelines.

The Publishing House accepts writings on socio-political subjects ONLY. Time for consideration varies from one to three months.

Manuscripts should comply with the following rules.

Manuscript are preferably to be submitted both on paper and as a computer file. The print copy should be of standard A4 format (printed on one side only) with interval between lines set top 1.5.
The electronic copy should be an MS Word document and submitted on floppy disk or sent by e-mail (see note below).

Illustrations and photographs are to be submitted separately and should be of a reasonable size suitable for snail-mail (should not be folded).

Electronic illustrations and photographs should be high resolution TIFF files (300dpi). As an option, JPEG files with minimal compression can be negotiated with the editors.

Text captions (two) should be printed on a separate paper(s) and attached to each copy of the manuscript.

Reviews and bibliography if present should be submitted as a separate attachment.

Author's data (on a separate paper):

  • Last name, name
  • Academic status
  • Contact information: telephone numbers (required), fax, e-mail (optional)
  • Home address


When sending the materials by e-mail same rules apply. Paper copies are not required. Illustrations should not be imbedded in text, their format is preferably to be negotiated with the editor.

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